Cleaning instructions

Cleaning instructions for Milkcord®/SP / Milkcord®/SP/Butyl and Vaporcord®/Alim/Extra:

Our food-quality hoses are following requirements specified for the respective product. This ensures that no noxious substances affect the transported food. Please follow the instructions mentioned below to guarantee ideal performance of the hose, to avoid any influence on the smell and taste of the transported goods and to ensure a long life of the hose:

Initial cleaning
New hoses usually do not have any effect on the smell or taste of the transported food. Our advice for Milkcord®/SP / Milkcord®/SP/Butyl and Vaporcord®/Alim/Extra: is to clean before first use

1st Step: Treat for 24 hours with 1% phosphoric acid (25°C)
2nd Step: Followed by a treatment with 2% sodium hydroxide solution or 2% sodium carbonate solution.
3rd Step: Finally rinsed with clear water before their initial use

Standard cleaning
1st Step: Treat briefly with 2% sodium hydroxide or 2% sodium carbonate at 80°C.
2nd Step: Followed by flushing with clear hot and cold water

Steam sterilisation
A steam sterilisation is suitable under the following conditions for Milkcord®/SP / Milkcord®/SP/Butyl and Vaporcord®/Alim/Extra:Depressurized up to max. 130°C steam for 30 minutes. This means, one end of the hose must be always kept open so that the steam can flow and no pressure can be build-up.

Resistance against cleaning agents:
Cleaning the Milkcord®/SP / Milkcord®/SP/Butyl and Vaporcord®/Alim/Extra: please follow the respective maximum values for concentration and temperature as indicated below:

Aquaous dilution of the prevalent acids phosphoric acid (H3PO4), nitric acid (HNO3) and sulfuric acid (H2SO4) as well as cleaning agents based on these ingredients max. 1-2% up until 25°C
max. 1-2% to max. +25° C.

Aquaous alkaline solutions of sodium hydroxide (NaOH), potassium hydroxide (KOH), sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and soda (Na2CO3) as well as cleaning agents based on these ingredients max 2% up to max 80°C.

The disinfectants hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCI) and peracetic acid may only be applied in very high dilution to avoid massive chemical attack of the inner liner for a short period of time max 500ppm up to max 25°C.

Bear in mind that larger loads can considerably shorten the service life.

Special cleaning agents
The suitability of special industrial cleaning agents and disinfectants (also for CIP facilities) is dependent on their actual composition. From the supplier recommended concentration and temperature limits for rubber hoses should be respected in any case. If doubts concerning chemical resistance towards a cleaning agent arise, our hose division may give advice based on the technical and safety datasheets of the agent

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