Frequently asked questions

Which coupling system suits the best for my application?

This depends on the application and the diameter of the hose.In the catalogue and on our website we advise you which coupling system can be used for which type of hose. If you are in doubt and would like to have personal advise, feel free to contact our sales team.

What is the lifetime of a hose?

The lifetime of a hose can not be defined. A hose does not have a particular lifetime. The lifetime depends on several circumstances: Frequency of use, environmental factors, the medium, pressure, temperature, etc. Please always check if the hose is free of aging affects. We are able to perform a pressure test on all hoses in our assembly department.

Do you also assemble the hose?

We have our own assembly department were we have the possibility to assemble and test the hoses. We are also able to provide them with the proper certificates according to the SIR regulations.

Is there a norm on the gas hoses?

The regulations voor gas hoses differ in every country. In every branch there are different guidelines. Our gas hoses are according to ISO 3821 (previous EN559). Please always check the hoses on a regular bases for aging effects. All our gas hoses are produced with a special production code. This way we can always trace back the production date. Replace gas hoses within two years of operation and handling.

What is the current catalogue and how can I order it?

At this moment our most recently published catalogues are catalogue 21 (for the hoses) and catalogue 21-K (for the couplings). You can order these catalogs at our sales department.

Wat does WP mean?

WP stands for working pressure.

Wat does BP mean?

BP stands for burst pressure.

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